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Connecting Code to Strategy


Zenhub was built by a team of developers in Vancouver, Canada in 2014. Since then, Zenhub is now the leading productivity management and collaboration platform that helps teams from around the world get more done and ship better code.


It was important for the new brand direction to speak the same visual language as Zenhub’s main customers: developers and project managers. We had to walk within the fine line between edgy and sleek. The visual language in the tech world tends to be very clean and minimalist, an aesthetic oftentimes associated with innovation. Ultimately, Zenhub is a software that connects people, so it was important to showcase the faces who use the software.


Collaboratively with the Zenhub team, we defined that the new illustration style and overall brand aesthetic needed to reflect Zenhub’s innovative and cutting-edge software. To stand out in the market, we opted for an out-of-the-box visual direction that made the new brand feel unique and professional at the same time. For the website, we had to walk within the fine line between edgy and sleek. We maintained a bold aesthetic across backgrounds and illustrations, and we followed a strict grid system to create a sense of structure and organization.

Project deliverables

Illustrations & Iconography 
Website Design

Illustrations & Iconography
Web Development & SEO
Website Design

We opted to use dark backgrounds for software-specific web pages to replicate the “dark mode”, a display setting popular among developers. Pages that spoke to project managers were intentionally designed using lighter backgrounds. The illustrations use a mix between graphic elements and photography to add humanness and relatability to the website.