Nth Degree

Branding the Bare Essentials


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Nth Degree came to us with a brand that didn’t reflect the quality of their high-tech underwear. Their packaging was in a triangle-shaped tube, which was impractical for retailers to arrange in displays and made the brand feel disorganized. With a product that was both beautiful and functional, our goal was to create packaging that would elevate and reflect the experience of wearing the underwear.


We created a brand that felt sophisticated and highlighted the high-performance fibers used with modern typography and a minimalist colour palette. We stripped the packaging back to a clean and minimal rectangular box and created a set of icons that showcased the unique features of the underwear. An icon set was also designed for customers to easily find the style of underwear they desired and a cut-out box was added to allow them to feel the softness of the product.

Project deliverables

Custom Logo & Branding
Marketing Collateral

Branding & Identity
Print & Packaging