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What the @#$%! Is a Lifestyle Brand?! With Special Guest Erica Rankin!

Wondering what the @#$%! A Lifestyle Brand is?! Your favorite brand just might be one! From Nike to Lululemon, and even special guest Erica Rankin’s cookie dough brand! We dive deep into the world of lifestyle brands. We talk about market differentiators, why people relate to people and not just products, the audience you’re trying to tap into and Erica joins us to talk about her cookie dough brand, Brodough!

What we talk about:

What Is A Lifestyle Brand? 

Nike and Lululemon

Market Differentiators 

Don’t Change The World Change a Life 

People Relate to People, Not to Products 

Who is Your Product For? 

We Have 2 Ears and 1 Mouth For a Reason 

Erica Rankin’s Brodough

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