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What designs sell best? The best packaging for online and offline sales

When starting your first business, starting with a full collection of products may often be your first thought. But How much does your product packaging really matter? When you sell a product the packaging is always the first thing your customers see. 

Today’s video talks about what packaging designs sell best online and offline. With so many products on the market you need to be able to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Follow along on this week’s video where we’ll guide you through key frameworks of good design and have your product fly off the shelves!

1). Define your target market

Your packaging design should be the first thing people see both online and offline. Find out who your target audience is and design product packaging that appeals to them. As an example, depending on whether you’re trying to appeal to children or adults; your product design may have a unique look and feel for that demographic.

2). The look and design of your product

We’ve all been there; you’re strolling the aisle of a supermarket and suddenly a sleek and unique package will pop out at you. Almost everyone has bought products just from the look and feel of the packaging design. Although you shouldn’t solely rely on your packaging; having a sleek look can help you get your product into client’s homes.

3). Create a design that is intentional for growth

Your business may start with just one product but it’s important to keep in mind the versatility of your packaging design to leave room for future expansion. If you create different flavours, colours, and styles, your packaging design should be able to be adapted depending on your brands growth!

4). Compliancy a.k.a. retail ready

Make sure your product checks all of its compliancy boxes. Depending on your country and/or region; your product will have different compliancy requirements. Build trust with your customers by having clear labeling on all of your packaging.


Overall, your packaging design should be able to catch attention online and offline. Take the time to make sure your business checks all of the boxes to sell well in an online and offline setting. We hope you enjoyed this week’s video and blog content, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for our next video!


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