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Welcome to Pivot or Die! Why We’re Pivoting our Pod


Welcome to Pivot or Die! We’ve PIVOTED and re-branded! 

In turbulent economic times and Tiktok-paced changes and trends, brands must ‘Pivot or Die’ to stay relevant.

With our podcast 2.0 launch, we are getting back to our roots and diving deep into brand positioning and how your business can PIVOT to adapt and thrive.

We’ll continue interviewing inspiring entrepreneurs as well as auditing major brands that have pivoted successfully, brands that have totally failed, and what your business can do to stay ahead.

Although we are no longer “CPG UnWrapped”, This is not a goodbye to creating iconic CPG brands and having them on the podcast, it’s an opportunity to learn from other industries as well. As we’ve grown our business, we can’t ignore the successes we’ve had with clients in other industries and want to begin to tell those stories too.

We will explore economic trends, cultural shifts and consumer behavior. We want to open up our industry and focus not so much on niching in one specific industry, but niching into one specific service, which is branding and market positioning. 

We wanted to get back to our roots and especially explore this idea of ‘pivoting’. Finding answers to the question of: What does it take to create a resilient brand? What is going to be that angle that’s going to make you different from the rest? Or the “Pivot Point” as we like to call it. 

Follow along the journey and subscribe to our channel or follow via the links below. We are so thankful for everyone who has supported us along our journey as we put ourselves out there and for every subscriber <3



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