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Webinar: Creating Your Marketing Budget

In June, we partnered up with Darryl Davis (Cultivate Advisors) to host a webinar about how to determine and maximize your marketing budget. 

Marketing is essential to maintaining business growth, but with the impact of COVID-19, many businesses are having to reassess their marketing budgets and determine how to best use it. It’s a pivotal time for companies and their overall strategy so we wanted to offer some advice during this time.


In this webinar we discussed:

*Assessing your finances & planning for the future
*How to create a marketing budget
*How to approach marketing agencies and firms with your budget
*How to maximize your budget for ultimate growth



About Darryl Davis

From Vancouver, BC, Darryl Davis is a business advisor with Cultivate Advisors, a company focused on supporting the growth and scale of small and medium-sized businesses.

Before Cultivate, Darryl led strategy and operations as a Chief Operating Officer for 3 large companies, and before that built 5 successful businesses with 3 successful exits over a period of 20+ years. He has implemented and built technology, developed policies and procedures to support organizational success, supported change management, and been responsible for each organization’s financial results.


About Pivot & Pilot Creative

Pivot & Pilot Creative is a boutique design agency based in Vancouver that serves clients internationally. They specialize in branding, packaging design, advertising, and website creation. Pivot & Pilot helps food, beauty and wellness brands stand out and capitalize on their first impression.

Pivot & Pilot runs a quarterly “Conversations” panel where they host a conversational interview with business leaders in Vancouver. Some past topics include “Launching Your Brand with Kickstarter”, “Working Creatives: Making Creative Your Full-Time” and “Ecommerce vs Brick and Mortar”. They also have a YouTube channel where they interview experts, teach about marketing trends, and discuss the way design influences consumer behaviour.

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