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Vancity Business Babes Morning Mingle – Marketing Through Your Website

We recently ran a workshop on website marketing in partnership with Vancity Business Babes at BrainStation’s beautiful new space in Gastown. If you haven’t heard of them, Vancity Business Babes is a wonderful network of female entrepreneurs that fosters personal and professional growth. To join their Meetup group and attend future events, head to their page here.

The workshop, led by our witty and fearless leader, Rebecca Rochon, covered the importance of branding, content marketing (such as social media and blogging), email marketing, site mapping, organic and paid SEO, and Google Analytics. Basically, we went over everything we do in our business, and why we do it. If you would like to attend any future workshops (we have one coming up about preparing and marketing your products for Christmas!), follow us on social media and stay tuned for announcements!

We’d like to thank all the sponsors, NutMeg Mylk, Blenz Coffee, Granola Girl, I Like Her Style Vancouver, BrainStation, and especially Vancity Business Babes, for helping us make this such a wonderful event!

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