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Valley Select

From Field to Frozen


Farming since 1970, Valley Select is a legacy farm that uses the latest technology for sustainably growing, picking and packaging fruit. After years of producing fruit for other brands, they decided to launch a brand of their own.


While Valley Select has grown and packaged their fruit for other brands, this was their first venture where they needed to create a brand all their own to bring to market. 


A customer survey, grocery tour and focus group informed our design decisions as well as the language on the packaging. We collaborated with a food photographer to produce beautiful and modern shots of the fruit that would become the focal point in the packaging. The typography and graphic elements were kept classic in style, making the entire packaging stand out with a balance between modern and traditional.

Project deliverables

Custom Logo & Branding
Packaging Design
Label Design
Branded Merchandise

Branding & Identity

Bold, classic and traditional old style, Cooper embodies Valley Select’s personality. This playful serif font is perfect for headers, quotes, and any text that needs to be expressive.

Legible and friendly, this sans serif font is perfect for body copy and larger bodies of text. Benton Sans compliments Cooper and furthers Valley Select’s innovative, sustainable and farm-fresh values.


Valley Select needed a brand that would reflect the care they put into growing, selecting and freezing their range of frozen fruit products. Being a farm that uses innovative technology, it was important to showcase a brand that felt rooted in tradition and modern at the same time.

Product Photography
Web Development & SEO
Website Design

Our priority with Valley Select’s website was that it needed to feel modern, yet call attention to the history and years of experience that Valley Select has in the farming industry. Clear and colourful sections highlight their available products, competitive advantage, numerous partners and certifications. When the user lands on the site, they immediately see Valley Select’s high end technology and sustainable practices at work through a professionally filmed looping video. Enticing food photography is spread throughout the site, especially the blog section where various recipes using their prime picked fruit are featured.