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Yummy Mochi Donuts


Umaido is a delicious mochi donut and bubble tea bar in Winnipeg, Canada, and is the Pho Hoang founder Heather’s latest venture.


After the success of Pho Hoang, Heather returned to Pivot and Pilot to launch their new venture – Umaido. As a new business and a completely new type of Japanese donut, our challenge was to bring this to market in a way where customers were curious and excited to try them.


Umaido opened with a big buzz around the city of Winnipeg. Inspired by the Japanese term for “good” or “delicious” (“umai”) and the dough of a donut, we created the name “Umaido” for this new brand. Using Japanese-style “kawaii”  illustrations and storytelling, we invented a memorable, fictional tale of two sisters accidentally inventing the delicious mochi donut. This story was a playful way to help clients remember and understand the unique ingredients used to create the chewy and delicious mochi donuts. These illustrations and characters are used throughout their branding and takeout packaging for instant recognition, perfect for Instagram.

Project deliverables

Custom Logo & Branding
Signage & Wayfinding
Marketing Collateral
Takeout Packaging

Branding & Identity

Zirkon is a sans serif font with uneven “humanist” strokes. A mix between functional and friendly, this font reflect’s Umaido’s brand personality beautifully.

Neue Haas Grotesk is functional, clean and simple. It is reminiscent of an effortless and utilitarian design aesthetic like the ones often used in Japanese design.


Umaido’s logo uses high contrast, black and bright orange to stand out and call attention. The logo is a playful yet elegant wordmark, combined with Japanese characters and a mochi donut inspired graphic element.

Packaging & Marketing Collateral