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Turning “Work Mode” On and Off: Avoiding Burnout at a Boutique Agency

Working from home can be great when you get to stay in your sweatpants underneath your dress shirt—but what does it mean when your boundaries between home and work life get blurred?

Marketing is essential to maintaining business growth, but with the impact of COVID-19, many Today’s video talks about how to turn “work mode” on and off and how to avoid burnout at home. Since the pandemic, working remotely has become more common in workplaces around the world; including ours! Whether you are a seasoned WFH veteran or a complete newbie, here are some tips, tricks, and advice to help you get through your day:


1. Meeting & Scheduling 

Having constant zoom meetings can be pretty exhausting. Try and space out your meetings throughout the day to give yourself a break. At Pivot & Pilot, our team dedicates three days of the week to client-facing meetings and separates Mondays and Fridays as internal workdays.


2. Notifications

Hearing the constant message/email notifications on your phone and laptop from work can be overwhelming. Instead, try and dedicate specific times of the day to review your messages and emails. By doing this, you can save yourself from constant stress throughout the day and address messages when you have the proper time to do so; which can ultimately lead to a more productive day!


3. Trust your Team

Flexible workdays are the future! Gone are the days of dictating every hour of the day for your employees. Focusing on goals and deadlines for the team helps improve your team’s productivity rather than dictating specific work schedules. Providing the space for our team to take charge of their own day allows for flexibility throughout the week!


4. Transitioning between Work and Life

Taking a twenty-minute walk before and after work can help to signify to your brain a transition in your day. When your home and work become the same space it can be hard to just close your laptop and relax right away. Having a routine to turn “work mode” on and off can help you to draw that line between your work life and home life.


5. Reduce Meeting Times + Cut to the Chase

Spending multiple hours a day on zoom can be exhausting for everyone. Setting a time limit on meetings and specifying meeting goals can shorten zoom time for everyone. Making sure your meetings cut to the chase can save time and be a breath of fresh air for the whole team!


Overall, everyone’s work from home experience is different but implementing small habits within your day and within your business can make working from home a really great experience. We hope you were able to take away some new tips and tricks and remember to keep an eye out for our next video and blog piece!



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