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“Transform Your Website Into a Marketing Hub” Workshop with EHF Vancouver!

We were so excited to lead our workshop “Transform Your Website into a Marketing Hub” in collaboration with EHF Vancouver!

Is your website generating leads?

We often see businesses’ whose websites seem to be made simply to “have a website”. If your website doesn’t serve a core purpose and just sits there then it probably won’t be very useful to your business. In this workshop we discussed ways to simplify your website’s UX design, set up customer touch points & reach your audience through your site.

In this workshop we talked about:

  • UX (User Experience) Design
  • Website Mapping & Planning
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Best Practices
  • “Call-to-Action” Button Best Practices
  • Marketing Funnel Fundamentals
  • Customer Acquisition Channels & Touch Points


Thank you to all the brave souls who volunteered to share their in-progress sites! It was great to meet and sit down with so many local entrepreneurs – we hope we’ll se everyone again soon!

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Thanks again to Nadya Peche of EHF and MVMT Lab for hosting us in their beautiful space.

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