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Studio Series Design Collective

From Idea to Execution


With over 10 years of architectural experience, Studio Series Design Collective is locally known for helping to create beautiful, fun, and sustainably-minded spaces. They pride themselves on being collaborative and providing solutions that are custom tailored and eco-design focused.


Studio Series had the professional experience, but was missing a professional look to match. They wanted to make first impressions really count, and clearly show their competence, collaborative nature and core values to potential clients through their market positioning but also through a tailored pitch deck.


Inspired by the strong foundations that are set through process, development and iteration, we created a visual identity that feels accomplished and experienced, speaking to Studio Series’ top-tier range of services and how, from ideation to execution, they create beautiful and functional spaces for their clients. By conducting a photoshoot, we enabled Studio Series to have professional and consistent photography to use across multiple platforms. Using the new brand, we also designed a comprehensive pitch deck that not only put them in the best light, but was also easy to edit for future pitches.

Project deliverables

Custom Logo & Branding
Marketing Collateral
Pitch Deck Design
Social Media Kit

The Pivot & Pilot team are excellent creatives and business minded professionals that go the extra mile to bring results to the table. They don’t stop until everyone thinks it’s perfect! They are positive, well researched, experienced and always a lot of fun to work with and to be around!

– Sherry Haddow, Owner
Branding & Identity

This serif font fits Studio Series’ elevated, intellectual and confident personality.

Franklin Gothic is a reputable, established and neutral font that helps to add a professional tone to bodies of text.


Based on the idea of a strong foundation, the Studio Series Design Collective logo consists of a custom wordmark and decorative line graphic. 

Marketing Collateral
Pitch Deck Design