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Starting a Brand from Scratch: Logos

You know a good logo when you see one—right? Every big brand out there has a logo that everyone can recognize from a mile away. Come along on today’s journey to learn how you can elevate your brand and be confident in a logo that helps shape your brand!

Today’s video talks about what elements and features make a good logo. We all know big brands like Nike, Lululemon, and Starbucks. What do all these big and successful businesses have in common? A great logo. Although a great logo shouldn’t be the only interesting thing about your business, it’s definitely a good place to start! When examining your own logo here are five principles of design that can help to ensure that your logo stands out:


1. Appropriate and relevant

Your logo needs to visually align with what your brand is about. Think about what your core values are and who your intended consumers are. If you have a health and wellness company, think about the values and interests of your customers and build a logo that reflects that.


2. Is it memorable?

Utilize the power of colour and typography to create a unique logo; and working with a designer or design agency that knows your brand can help that happen. Following trends can be tempting, but falling into the trend trap will make your brand seem like one of many.

Alternatively, following trends in the design industry can ultimately backfire once trends become dated.


3. Keep it simple

The point of your logo is to be able to explain your brand in as little words as possible. The simpler your logo, the easier it will be to remember! As well, the simpler your logo is the easier it will be to adapt it to different designs over time.


4. Versatile and adaptable

As your brand grows, there will be more need to print your brand on different packaging or use your logo for various marketing purposes. Your logo should be able to be adapted into various styles, sizes, and colours to represent the various offerings of your business!


5. Timeless

Similar to keeping it simple, creating a logo that remains classic regardless of the year and current trends will ensure that your visual identity can surpass the test of time. Assuming you intend to have your business for a while; save yourself the time and energy of having to change your logo every five years.


Overall, your logo should be a visual representation of your brand and be recognizable to your customers at a moment’s glance. Take the time to make sure your logo checks all of these boxes as you continue to work on your brand and business. We hope you enjoyed this week’s video and blog content, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for our next video!


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