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Spammy Online Marketing Tactics: What NOT to Do

We know you want to get your brand visibility and increase your sales, but you do not want to do so  in a desperate way. It can be easy to turn off and annoy potential buyers if you don’t approach marketing correctly. Don’t want to be annoying? Want to properly market your product? Today’s video has got you covered. Learn how to improve the way you market your product so that your customers love your brand and become loyal clients. 

Don’t flood your website with too many pop-ups

You don’t want to overwhelm your user with too much information. Have one or two maximum campaigns at a time. They aren’t always bad, but only use when necessary and in a sensible manner.

Constantly hosting sales can cheapen your product value

Creating special deals or sales can be a great way to increase your sales, however they can easily cheapen your product’s value if approached incorrectly.  For example, constant sales can sometimes work, for brands like Pretty Little Thing or Claires, but not luxury brands like Chanel. Ensure your brand is being intentional about sales by attaching them to specific holidays, or times of year to ensure that your customers know they are special and rare. 

Strategically plan your sales  

Always attach your sale to something special. Think about WHY are you going on sale? Is it because you are desperate to get rid of product quickly? If this is the reason, it can quickly backfire on you because customers will be “trained” to never buy product for full price and instead wait for random sales to occur. By being strategic about sales you increase your product value and brand confidence. 

Offer free shipping

This is a great alternative to reducing the price of a product or putting it on sale. It makes it fair for both your end and the user’s end and encourages users to checkout. 

Loyalty program

Think beauty insider at Sephora. This promotes and creates more opportunities for sales in the future while still keeping the value of your product high. 

Don’t fake product reviews  

Give your customers incentive to leave a review. Maybe offer a discount if they are loyal customers. It is really easy to tell if a review is fake online and looks spammy.

Avoid Bait-and-Switch tactics

We have noticed a trend, Reach out to real people like influencers, and offer real money for their time. 

Avoid spamming content

Ensure that you are bringing value to your customers. Quality over quantity!


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