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SKN Yorkville

Your Best Skin Forward


SKN Yorkville is a medical aesthetics clinic that is based in Yorkville, Toronto, founded by couple Dr. Priani and Naushin. SKN Yorkville stands out from the average aesthetics clinic by using a less is more approach. Although, Dr. Pirani is a renowned plastic surgeon in Canada, he understands that surgery is not always the best solution for his clients and is adamant about the value of preventative care like Botox, medical grade skincare and facials. SKN Yorkville is a way for him to offer his clients less invasive and expensive procedures to give them the results they are looking for, when surgery isn’t the best fit. 


Our main challenge in branding SKN Yorkville was addressing the taboo surrounding medical aesthetic brands in how they felt too sterile and cold. Often, clinics show pore-less women with too much photoshop and the results look unrealistic and untrustworthy. Our goal was to create a brand that avoided these stereotypes and fostered trust.


Inspired by the Pirani’s approach, we developed “Your Best Skin Forward”, and executed a luxury brand, merchandise for top clients, a website and photoshoot. Our photoshoot focused on the skin, showing minimal makeup, real skin and real results so that when users landed on the website, potential clients saw something real and relatable. We also developed a fabulous branded takeaway bag featuring care kits and beautiful merchandise to reward top clients and add to the luxurious experience of an appointment with SKN Yorkville.

Project deliverables

Custom Logo & Branding
Print Collateral
Photo & Video
Website Design

I wasn't impressed by the local branding companies here in Toronto, so I reached out to this boutique Vancouver-based company. I am so glad that I did. They have gone above and beyond at every step. I wholeheartedly recommend them and will use them again for future projects.

– Asif Pirani, Owner
Branding & Identity

Based on a grotesque skeleton GT Zirkon has high contrast where curved strokes connect with strong stems. This sans-serif font is perfect for headers, quotes, and any text that needs to be expressive. 

A beautiful grotesque font that has geometric characteristics. Neufile Grotesk is perfect for smaller bodies of text and complements Zirkon to create a clean and sophisticated experience. 


After visiting their gorgeous, historic building in the heart of Toronto, we were inspired to develop a refined visual identity around it. Their brand is comprised of grey tones for elegance while gold highlights helped bring in a bit of warmth. An understated but elegant type pairing was selected to accentuate the brand, while a stylized photoshoot with emphasis on natural beauty was done to further support the brand messaging.

Print & Packaging
Web Development & SEO
Website Design

There is a lot of jargon and procedures in the medical aesthetic industry that can easily become overwhelming and confusing for the average client to find what they need (for example, Botox, Radiesse, Lasers, Filler). To combat this, we developed the website’s user experience around the idea of “problems” and “Solutions” rather than just listing the procedure so that clients could be educated and find exactly what they are looking for.