Compliant & Ready to Land Your Dream Retailer

So you want to expand your business to Canada or the USA (or both)? – we are here to help. Both countries provide immense opportunities for your business, but have different rules, regulations, currencies and cultures to navigate. With offices in both countries, we are positioned to seamlessly update your packaging, website & marketing to launch your product to a brand new market.

  • Update Packaging to be compliant with USA/CAD regulations & requirements
  • Ad Campaign target states/provinces
  • Website translation, currency exchange strategy, shipping & customs
  • French & Spanish Translation
Benefits of this service
  • Expand your market & reach new customers
  • Build brand value & authority for investors
  • Launch seamlessly
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What’s your next step?

Work With Us

Ready to execute? Book a time with us to talk about your vision and we’ll get the ball rolling.

We can help you with
  • Launching your business
  • Brand or product expansion
  • Reaching new markets (USA or Canada)
  • Get retail ready 
  • Executing Branding, Packaging, E-Commerce, and Digital Ads

Book a CPG Brand Audit & Action Plan

In the early stages of your business plan? Curious about the best steps forward in a recession? Can’t afford a full design team but need guidance from an agency? Start with a CPG Brand Audit & Action Plan.

For $300 USD you’ll receive a comprehensive 45-minute session where we will assess your business and give clear advice catered to you. Whether you’re a small startup or an established brand, we will determine what to prioritize and how to implement it.

What you will receive
  • Personalized consultation and guidance
  • On-call audit
  • 3 key takeaways and actions
  • Recession tactics and advice catered to your business and goals
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