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Revamp a Brand With Us! – EATABLE Popcorn

One of our clients who came up with one of the most unique food combinations ever: Popcorn and alcohol. Ok, technically their popcorn has 0% alcohol, so you wont get the buzz, but all of their popcorn is infused with REAL wines, whisky, vodka, champagne, and tequila… Their name is EATABLE and they are dominating the snack market because of their innovative flavours and top-quality product.

But first, let’s talk about the founders, power couple Charlene and Vince, who met at a wine tasting class and decided to bring their love for fine wine and spirits into popcorn. Like most entrepreneurs, Charlene and Vince started in their kitchen where they developed their signature recipes. They packaged their popcorn in black matte coffee bags and used stickers as labels. The pandemic hits, and there is a huge rise in e-commerce sales getting them the attention of major media as well as bigger retailers interested in carrying their product. 

That’s when the EATABLE team came to P&P looking to elevate their brand, packaging and e-commerce experience to match the quality of their gourmet popcorn.

We helped them refine their visual identity, language and pitch. We are so excited to say that EATABLE is thriving and is now carried in over 300 retailers across North America, including whole foods! This gives the brand amazing credibility and makes their product more desirable to other retailers.

EATABLE is all about creating unique and elevated moments through snacking and so we came up with a packaging design that matched the desired experience. EATABLE is a very giftable product because of it’s uniqueness and sophisticated experience, it is perfect to bring into a party or to impress a date. 

On top of stunning packaging, we helped EATABLE with an impactful ad campaign. Everyone is competing for attention these days, so we created 4 captivating ads for EATABLE to test and capitalize on. 

To maximize on the footage capture in one single day, we created three 15 second ads that featured their top three flavours: Champagne, Tequila and Whisky. We planned it so that from the footage of these three separate ads we could then create one 30 second general ad that featured the remaining of the EATABLE flavours. 

The overall goal for these ads was to promoted the experience of EATABLE popcorn, how it can be shared in a hosting and entertaining environment, and how it has the power to bring people together. EATABLE is a popular gifting product and we really wanted to amplify that messaging. Remember pay attention to what’s already working for you and amplify it, don’t lose time reinventing the wheel. 

The mood for the ads is high-end and fun, and taps into the aspirational EATABLE lifestyle, centered on entertainment, giftabilty and sophistication.

Of course a new brand couldn’t be complete with the last step in the conversion funnel, the e-commerce experience. We changed up EATABLE’s layout to feel sophisticated and refined just like their product and made sure everything was easy to find in three clicks or less with the use of a mega menu. We changed the product pages to feel like landing pages on their own, highlighting key features, values and guarantees so we can address any potential objections on the spot. We also took their new photos in-house, going for a vintage elevated vibe with elegant flares that makes their product feel like the refined snacks they are. We intentionally dressed each set with the ingredients used so that visitors could taste the product before even buying it.

We couldn’t be any more proud of the work we did for EATABLE. Check out their website here and try it for yourself!


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