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Rating Vancouver’s Takeout Packaging

Join us on a trip around Vancouver to show you our favourite custom designed takeout packaging designs in the city! These are our takeout packaging and assessing them on four different criteria, originality, functionality, sustainability and finally Instagrammability.


The Juice Truck – 3.75/5

They use a beautiful in-house labelling system that is easy to upkeep while staying true to the brand. The Juice Truck’s bottle shapes are unique and original and show off the beautiful colours of their fresh pressed juices. They use the same base bottles for all products and simply change the label depending on the flavour inside. Their smoothies however, just look like your typical smoothie cup, we believe these can be improved for extra impact.

Nero Waffle Bar – 5/5 (duh) 

A Pivot & Pilot client, with our unbiased opinion, we think it is the winner (haha ;)). Nero’s packaging ticks all of our boxes off, it is original, functional, can be easily recycled and the whole experience is highly Instagrammable. 

Nemesis Coffee – 4.5/5

Their location is gorgeous and the coffee cups are beautiful! They have taken an everyday product like a coffee cup and transformed it into a brand opportunity. Their cups look and feel expensive and special. Our only feedback is that it is a bit unclear on whether you can recycle them or not. 

Cartems Doughnuts – 4.25/5

WOW! Talk about original! Bring this box of doughnuts to any party and have the guests in awe with its brightly coloured long red box. We do think they are missing a huge opportunity for them to have their branding on the inside of their box, because after all, customers want to take a picture of the product inside the box to show off on social media.

Chewgurt Yummy – 4/5

When we first heard about this awesome place, the name confused us. But after one sip, we were instantly hooked! Although the branding and packaging is nice and cute, the only thing that was environmentally friendly were the straws, Chewgurt Yummy can highly improve on their sustainability. 


When creating packaging, it is important to keep all these points in mind. Think of the design of the box, how practical it is to carry, open and close, how it compares to other packaging in the market (make sure yours stands out!), how pretty it will look in instagram stories and the environmental impact. 

What are YOUR favourite takeout restaurants in your city? Do they have innovative packaging? 

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