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Kim Sato on Project Soul, Dance, and Building her Business

It’s hard to imagine Kim Sato doing anything outside of dance. She is a walking (or dancing) example of someone who lives and breathes their passion, and frankly, it’s extremely refreshing. For the past few months, we’ve worked with Kim on branding and design for her company, Project Soul. From lengthy discussions about colour and font, to photo and video shoots of her incredibly talented team, Kim has shown up with absolute enthusiasm, and it’s been an honour to be a part of her journey.

On dancing

Dance has been a constant factor throughout Kim’s life, “I started dancing when I was about 4 years old, and by 8, I knew I was a choreographer.” A natural leader, Kim would visit her friends’ houses as a child, and choreograph dances to entertain their parents. Eventually, Kim moved on from tap and jazz to learning hip hop and break dancing. Growing up in the age of hip hop, dancing was the norm, “If you went to a party, a house party, school dance, everybody would know how to move.”

On Project Soul and what's next

It was a fateful Granville Island show that started Project Soul. Kim’s training company was unable to provide some of the things needed for a certain performance, leading her to hire professionals to help fill transitions between pieces. That day, they were scouted by someone and later hired to perform for an event. Realizing that there was a demand in Vancouver drove Kim to start Project Soul.

Watching a professional dance performance always evokes that I-wish-I-could-dance feeling (at least we definitely feel it). “We really try to inspire as many souls as possible,” says Kim. Having met the team and watched how they work together, each member truly is inclusive, open minded, and collectively, they send a message that says, “You can dance if you want to” (but don’t leave your friends behind).

I started dancing when I was 4 years old, and by 8, I knew I was a choreographer.

– Kim Sato

Currently, Project Soul has been performing for special events, but Kim is looking forward to bringing her creative projects back, such as Into the Tao, a performance she created. With the expansion of her company, Kim is looking into starting a clothing line as well as creating an educational comic book.

Kim was one of the first to support Pivot and Pilot, trusting us with her first two brands, Urban Alchemy and Souldiers, and now, Project Soul. It’s a privilege to be able to grow alongside her and collaborate on her projects. You can click below to inquire or book Project Soul for your future events!

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