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Soul Sugar Cotton Candy Co.

A Twist on the Classic Carnival Treat!

No matter what age, we all get those sweet cravings from time to time. Cotton candy is a delicious classic, low calorie, melt in your mouth treat that does the trick! Wether it’s for your self, your next event, or as a sweet gift, Soul Sugar Co’s freshly hand-spun, organic cotton candy is a must have for any occasion.

Branding & Identity

It was important that Soul Sugar’s brand appealed to both women looking to a fun wedding favour and children stopping by their local candy shop. In order to do this we created a playful and elevated logo with beautiful and refined fonts to appeal a more mature audience, but we kept bright colours that will attract the children. We also added illustrated circular flavour stickers that changes with each new flavour to the coral band for easy identification on the shelves.

Said in Script
Film & Animation

To launch Soul Sugar’s new look we hosted a successful pop up shop on national lemon meringue pie day that over 300 people stopped by to check out. We partnered with local artist Karlie Rosin to create a eye-catching installation outside the building, West Coast Chic to sell luxury resale clothing and Jam PR to spread the word!