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Roar Engineering

Unbiased, Forensic Experts

Composed of experts recognized across Canada, Roar Engineering needed an elevated, boutique look to announce their re-entry into the forensic engineering field. Their team of engineers specialize in a variety of scientific investigations and are well-versed in the litigation process. As a B2B business, Roar needed to stand out as professional, independent and unbiased experts. We helped Roar discover their visual identity, find their brand’s voice and position their service offerings to target lawyers and insurance professionals.

Branding & Identity

We wanted to help Roar stand apart from the crowd of hardhats, metal and gear motifs often seen in the engineering field and instead focus on their professional litigation experience as expert witnesses. We softened their look by using an unconventional pairing of cream and purple and used serif letterforms to highlight Roar’s detailed reports and articles.


Farnham is a display font that has a journalistic quality to its serifs. This was a natural choice for Roar’s tiles and headers.


Montserrat is a professional, clean and legible font that is used in Roar’s logo and body text.

Web Development & SEO

Roar’s website’s main goal is to get clients to submit a claim after a disaster or accident and begin the investigation process. We aimed to convey their expertise in the fastest way possible. Right from the start, users see Roar’s team in action with bold statements of their standards and values. Their services are organized and clear and their featured court cases are easily accessible to show. All of these aspects work together to show that Roar’s team gets results and wins cases time and time again.

One of Roar’s most popular features on their website are their regularly published articles which are popular reads on LinkedIn and give their website a lot of traction.

Film & Animation

We designed a set of animated iconography to represent the many services that Roar Engineering offers. We were inspired by the marks and strokes used in mathematical equations and scientific blueprints.