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Project Soul

Reflections of Motion

Project Soul is all about bringing street dance to the forefront. The team came to us wanting a fresh new look that stayed away from the stereotypical urban look —flashy colours and spray paint stains. In response, we created a brand that reflected Project Soul’s modern and fun approach to street dance.


Branding & Identity

We designed Project Soul’s logo with choreography in mind, representing the formation of dance by strategically placing the letters of “Project Soul” throughout the dots. The use of yellow on black creates a highly contrasted yet refined look, symbolizing the diversity of dance and harmony created through good choreography.


Helvetica Neue

We chose Helvetica Neue because of its sleek lines and modern sensibility. Its symmetry and versatility aligns well with Project Soul’s flow of movement.

Web Development & SEO

Project Soul’s dancers are able to move through choreography seamlessly. To reflect this, we used parallax scrolling with custom animation to display their services. We incorporated videos throughout the site to add movement and to showcase each dancer’s talent.

Film & Animation