Branding & Identity Website & SEO Print & Packaging
Maria DeCotiis

Home is not a place…It’s a feeling

Maria is the only designer in Vancouver specializing in creating classic spaces with an edge by utilizing formal training and experience in both interior design and fashion. She has a genuine desire to create homes that resonates in the heart and soul of her clients.

Branding & Identity

Using elegant type alongside gradients of pink makes the brand approachable while maintaining the high-end feel. Using ligatures to connect the letters allows the logo to flow gracefully. Each of Maria’s portfolio pieces is paired with the dominant colour of her designs to complement the photography.



This typeface has previously been described as a “typographic guilty pleasure.” Similar to Maria’s stunning interior design work, this serif font is beautiful, elegant, and has character.

Proxima Nova

A geometric and symmetrical typeface, Proxima Nova is the perfect sans-serif counterpart to Lust, adding balance to the brand’s overall look.

Web Development & SEO

The goal of Maria’s website was to show off her stunning portfolio. As the site is very visual, we wanted everything to flow smoothly by adding elegant and subtle parallax effects. This gives the overall experience a feeling of luxury that’s comparable to her gorgeous designs.