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Jam Pr

PR from a Journalistic Perspective

Jam PR is a ladyboss powerhouse! Founder and former journalist, Ada Slivinski, came to us looking to create a brand that was reflective of Jam’s core values. In response, we designed a brand that is professional, journalistic, feminine and powerful.

Branding & Identity

Having worked for many years as a journalist in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver, Ada Slivinski has procured the perfect skills and connections for her PR business. Equipped with the Ada’s experience and knowledge, the team at Jam has a clear understanding of how the media works, allowing them to get you the perfect story in the most idea media outlet.


We created a brand that related to both, the ladyboss vibe you feel when entering Jam’s office, as well as the professional and journalistic tone in which they communicate their ideas and work ethic.


We took Austin from an editorial to a journalistic environment. Austin is modern and stylish, professional and feminine.

Arno Pro Caption

To further Jam’s professional and journalistic vibe, we combined Austin with timeless Arno. This font is a classic: old-fashioned, established, very readable, and perfect for body text.

Web Development & SEO

Jam’s website design was inspired by the classic newspaper layout, with a strong and defined grid, and a rhythmic balance between text and images. Black on white text, big headers, and legible copy were used to further the journalistic vibe. To translate the traditional paper look and heighten the web experience, we used fun hover-over effects and captivating transitions.