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Advertising a new co-working space before it was built

Ildsjel came to us with a challenge: how can we get people excited about our co-working space before it exists? Built on the idea of creative freedom, collaboration and community, Ildsjel wanted to create a space to support the artists and makers in Toronto. Because we had no photos of the space we focused on communicating the values and beliefs of Ildsjel through illustrations. Using a colour scheme and illustration style that encompassed their bright, quirky and energetic personalities we created a website and promotional ad representing the creative diversity of people they envisioned using the space.

Branding & Identity

Ildsjel came to us with an existing logo , but without a visual system. We explored a combination of fonts, colours and illustrative styles that represented their new co-working space’s bright, creative and friendly energy. Their whole look is vintage with a modern flair.


We chose Domaine for Ildsjel because of it’s unique “serif-curls” and playful, retro look.


Poppins is a friendly font that pairs nicely with Domaine because of it’s simplistic geometric shapes.

Web Development & SEO

While it is also used to sell memberships, Ildsjel’s website’s main purpose is to serve as an extension of their community and a resource for their members. It was built so that the Ildsjel team can easily update their site with new featured members, events and performances held in the space. The way the website moves and the fun animated graphics hidden around the site is an extension of the playful and quirky vibe of their space.

Film & Animation

Idsjel’s animated video emulates the hand drawn, friendly style of Saul Bass. We focused on hands creating and inventing to illustrate the journey through creative collaboration.