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Organic Tones, Natural Looking Results

Unlike the “over-the-top” look often attributed to medical aesthetics, Dr. Rose’s approach is about respecting and enhancing the natural facial architecture of each patient. We created a brand aligned with natural-looking results, staying away from the plastic aesthetic.

Branding & Identity

To stay away from the exaggerated look often seen in the medical aesthetics industry, we created a brand that was effortless and, just like Dr. Rose’s approach, natural looking. The logo is clean and balanced, confident in its simplicity and approachable in its design. To further the natural look, we combined dusty rose pink with moss green.


An elegant and feminine serif font elevates the brand. The “hand-drawn” strokes makes this font feel approachable and just like Dr. Rose’s results, natural and effortless.


A modern font that is effortlessly elegant.

Web Development & SEO

Dr. Rose specializes in Botox, fillers, and skin care, keeping her services simple. To reflect this, we created a clean menu highlighting each service and the areas it can be used for.