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Pho Hoang

Good Pho the Soul


Serving Vietnamese recipes with a modern twist, Phở Hoang has been recognized as the best family-owned Vietnamese restaurant in Winnipeg, Canada. Embraced by their community and commitment to fresh and delicious food, they have expanded to 4 locations and are thriving.


While Phở Hoang had multiple, successful locations, each had a different look and feel. They had DIY’d their branding and online presence and were looking to level up and grow. This was the perfect time to do so, as they were opening up their newest and 4th location looking to make it the best one yet.


We crafted a brand inspired by their fun and welcoming environment, commitment to traditional Vietnamese food and family values. From there, we developed a website and social media kit that they could use to highlight their story and their values, not just their food. Inside the restaurant, we developed a menu that showcased their top dishes and drinks through beautiful photography and increased sales of those items.

Project deliverables

Logo & Branding
Menu Design
Marketing Collateral
Social Media Kit
Website Design

Branding & Identity

Fragen is a unique, bold, and approachable text-display hybrid. It matches Phở Hoang’s welcoming atmosphere and is perfect for typesetting impact statements and titles with character.

Acumin Pro is an excellent typeface for bodies of text as it is legible, neutral, and well balanced. It also has all of the Vietnamese characters available.


Phở Hoang’s brand and logo was inspired by their approach to Vietnamese food – traditional with a modern twist. We created patterns and colours based on traditional Vietnamese textiles and architecture. Their wordmark contains custom, playfully-tilted elements to represent their approachable and welcoming energy.

Product & Lifestyle Photography
Marketing Collateral
Web Development & SEO
Website Design

It was important to make the website simple. Find the location you want, learn more about the story behind the business and take a look at the menu before your visit.  The beautiful photography of their dishes and locations makes you want to taste it yourself.