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Our Client Zenhub, Raises $10M After Rebrand and Pivot

Largely built on bootstrapping and leveraging the popular team development tool ‘GitHub’, Zenhub has grown a massive following and userbase to connect code to strategy. Leveraging the GitHub platform was a smart move to gain traction and credibility, requiring users to have a GitHub account in order to access and use their platform.

Now, with $10 million raised, Zenhub is ready to pivot and capture an even larger market beyond GitHub as a stand-alone product. Users will no longer require a GitHub account to access Zenhub, which opens the opportunity to use Zehhub’s powerful project management tools to support other platforms and tech stacks at companies around the world. 

“With the expansion of the platform, Zenhub continues to drive that efficiency in dev teams but now also enables visibility into the code base for non-technical employees, and that’s what got us most excited about partnering with them,” said Michael Sfalcin, principal at Yaletown Partners. “It’s our view that a company’s code base is the nucleus around which most modern organizations revolve, and because of that, Zenhub is in a great position to deliver a ton of value to its customers with its new platform.”

Read more about Zenhub’s strategic plan here

Learn more about our work with Zenhub here 


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