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Ondine Oceanfarm

Stay Wild, Choose BC


After realizing she wanted to make a more positive impact on the world, founder Bretton Hills cut her ties and took over an oceanfarm on Nelson Island in the Sunshine Coast. Since 2020 Ondine Oceanfarm has been producing sustainable, local and affordable shellfish for Southern BC residents.


In order for Bretton to begin pivoting away from wholesale and focusing on a direct to consumer business model, Ondine needed a solid visual brand identity and clearly established product differentiators. To many, oysters are seen as inaccessible–expensive appetizers for special occasions or romantic dinners. Bretton wanted to flip this idea, and highlight the fact that oysters are a very sustainable food source and can be financially accessible, especially when sourced from a local BC business. There were no shellfish vendors at farmers markets at the time, but the demand was certainly there, so with the aim to sell at local markets the brand needed to be noticeable but also inviting, authentic and educational.


Inspired by the diversity surrounding the farm, Ondine Oceanfarm’s brand identity is wild and rugged, yet bright and approachable. The chosen brand palette has been informed by the vibrant and varied colours of the sea. Aquatic illustrations and a waved pattern, reminiscent of the edges of oyster shells, have been sprinkled throughout the brand, adding pops of playfulness. In addition to a new brand, farmers market focused collateral was created which included eye-catching signage with language that highlighted the accessibility and affordability of oysters. Takeaway cards were also designed to educate customers on the benefits of frozen oysters and inform them on how to prepare oysters at home–whether they be raw or cooked.

Project deliverables

Custom Logo & Branding
Marketing Materials
Menu Design
Gift Card Design
Custom Stamps
Series of Posters
Exterior & Interior Signage

Branding & Identity

Bernier Distressed has a rough, bold feel that is perfectly combined with its rounded corners for a softer, more approachable look.

Acumin Pro is a great sans serif typeface for bodies of text. With its versatility and legibility, it provides a neutral and well-balanced pairing to Bernier Distressed.


Ondine Oceanfarm’s primary logo is composed of a textured oyster illustration and an all caps, yet friendly wordmark. With its balanced proportions and rounded edges, the logomark feels both clean and simple, and honest and established. A stamp styled emblem and chain link inspired monogram was also created for added brand versatility.

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