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Old Bird

Chinese Food With Attitude


Old Bird is a stunning restaurant in Vancouver that brings their “tapa’s” style Chinese food to the heart of downtown Vancouver. Their dishes are both contemporary and rich in history, blending nostalgic flavours passed down from the chef’s family with the modern flavours found in the street food markets of Taiwan.


Founder Sophia wanted the brand of her restaurant to bring a different experience of Chinese food and culture to Canada. It needed to reflect the same unapologetic attitude of both the food and space that Old Bird wanted to create. 


Inspired by what “Old Bird” meant in Chinese–someone who is unapologetic, sassy and authentic, we designed a brand that included traditional Chinese designs with modern typography, to bring out that “attitude”. A series of playful stamps and patterns were used throughout different collateral to create a mood that felt intimate and bold. We also assisted Old Bird with their interior and exterior signage to create a cohesive space.

Project deliverables

Custom Logo & Branding
Marketing Collateral
Menu Design
Gift Card Design
Custom Stamps
Series of Posters
Exterior & Interior Signage
Website Design

Branding & Identity

Bold, elevated and confident, this font embodies Old Bird’s unapologetic personality. This bold san-serif font is great for headers and any text that needs to be expressive.

Legible and friendly, this font compliments Amarillo and furthers Old Bird’s bold, playful and vibrant brand. It is also perfect for body copy and larger bodies of text.


Old Bird’s primary logo is composed of a custom wordmark. The wordmark combines the confidence of a condensed san-serif type, giving a nod to the style of signage found in the night markets of Taiwan and China. Each letter is spaced manually to feel visually balanced.

Print & Packaging
Web Development & SEO
Website Design

Old Bird’s website is built to display their mouth watering menu and promote gift cards as well as their line of take-home sauces and frozen dumplings. We built their website for easy edits and upkeep.