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Nth Degree

Branding the Bare Essentials


Nth Degree Underwear was designed and founded by Chinese-Canadian textile expert, Nelson. Unimpressed with the bulky and uncomfortable seams, cheap fabric, as well as lack of support, Nelson designed a seamless set of boxers, briefs and underwear from the most durable and high-tech fabrics on the market.


Nth Degree came to us ready for rapid retail expansion across North America and a goal to dominate online sales. They had a brand that didn’t reflect the quality of their high-tech fabrics used in their boxer and brief designs. Their packaging was in a triangle-shaped tube, which was impractical for retailers to arrange in displays and made the brand feel disorganized. With a product that was both beautiful and functional, our goal was to create packaging that would elevate and reflect the experience of wearing the underwear.


We created a brand that felt sophisticated and highlighted the high-performance fibers used with modern typography and a minimalist colour palette. We stripped the packaging back to a clean and minimal rectangular box and created a set of icons that showcased the unique features of the underwear. An icon set was also designed for customers to easily find the style of underwear they desired and a cut-out box was added to allow them to feel the softness of the product.

Project deliverables

Packaging Design
Business Cards
Social Media Kit
Ad Campaign Content

Branding & Identity

This sans serif encapsulates the Nth Degree brand with its strong, simple and masculine design. Based on the DIN font, and incredibly functional, Brutal Type helps bring Nth Degree to life.


Nth Degree’s logo is an emblem in itself, utilizing the degree symbol and a custom “Nth”. Their brand pairs sleek and technical elements with natural colours to represent the west coast man.

Film & Animation
Ad Campaign

We increased Nth Degrees sales by 780% by moving away from using the typical underwear brand’s “Joe 6-Pack” style model, and instead spearheaded Nth’s social media presence to encompass the lifestyle of their target male audience – an athletic, but realistic man. This strategy worked in our favour increasing their community of followers by thousands. We then developed a series of 5 ad campaigns for their brand using short, attention grabbing clips to highlight the colours, fabrics and technical qualities of their underwear using diverse models with no Photoshop.