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Free Cotton Candy! Our New Look For Soul Sugar

We recently teamed up with Soul Sugar, Jam PR, West Coast Chic, and local artist, Karlie Rosin, to throw a party unveiling our new branding and package design for Soul Sugar! On a beautiful, sunny August day, we set up shop in the heart of Strathcona. We gave out free samples of Soul Sugar’s lemon meringue pie cotton candy while people shopped West Coast Chic’s curated designer collection and took photos with Karlie’s eye-catching artwork.

Photobooth fun!

Kristen Day, creator of Soul Sugar, came to us with an idea to make cotton candy more than just an amusement park snack; she saw it as a fun, customizable gift with endless possibilities for different flavours. For this reason, we chose to use an unconventional, unique, cubic transparent box was to showcase the product to elevate the brand experience! The shape of the boxes allow the product to be an eye-catching, easy-to-wrap, and stackable gift or party favour. We selected this particular shade of coral because it stood out from the typical carnival pinks and blues, it’s modern, we felt it would be attractive to children, and let’s be honest, it’s just cute!

Our pop-up event with Soul Sugar, Jam PR, and West Coast Chic.

After the marketing consultation, we discovered that offering customizable wraps was another level of service that would help Soul Sugar stand out from their competition. The flavour sticker and wraps could adapt to any occasion.

It was an honour to meet the wonderful members of the Strathcona community to share our stories and eat free cotton candy! Without further ado, we present Soul Sugar’s new package design!

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