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Nero Waffles

More Waffles, Less Worries


Nero Waffles is an iconic belgian waffle shop in the heart of Vancouver.  Founded by German couple, Jan and Eilnaz, who both immigrated to Canada and saw that while Canadians sure know their maple syrup and pancakes, there was a severe and very concerning gap in the market for waffles. No need to panic though, they came to the rescue and created Nero Waffle Bar, an all natural ingredient dessert experience, and became a massive success. They have expanded to multiple locations throughout Vancouver and are a household name.


When the pandemic hit, Nero Waffle bar had to close their dine-in experience and pivot to takeout. They were well positioned for this and developed a delicious mini waffle set with new flavours and toppings each week. Customers began taking pictures of their mini waffles and sharing to social media, which brought in more customers.  Jan saw an opportunity to double down on this and came to us to create a series of custom takeout packaging that was branded and “instagrammable”.


We renovated their takeout packaging and created a set of mini waffle packaging along with an iconic pink coffee cup that was irresistible to post on instagram. 

After the success of the mini waffle packaging sets, we helped Jan create a set of merch items around the tagline “more waffles, less worries” which they wear and sell in their shop.

Project deliverables

Takeout Packaging
Merchandise Design

Photo credit: Sophia Hsin
Photo credit: Nero Waffles
Photo credit: Nero Waffles
branded Apparel