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Ms. Tiffin

Full Bellies, Happy Hearts


It can be hard to commit to eating healthy and nutritious meals, especially on a busy schedule and tight budget. That’s where tiffins come in. In India, tiffin meal services have massively grown in popularity for their convenience. Mrignesh and Seema Nanda liked the idea so much, they decided to offer a taste of Indian home cooking to those in greater Vancouver, and Ms. Tiffin was born.


Being both an Indian food subscription service and a restaurant, Ms. Tiffin needed a brand that served two unique market spaces. They wanted the brand to feel authentic and warm to attract their main audience: Indian students who are new to Canada and crave their food from back home. It also needed to be exciting and contemporary to attract its surrounding neighbours in South Hill, Vancouver.


We drew inspiration from the colours and illustrations in vintage and traditional Indian ephemera, paired with contemporary typographic treatments and language to bring nostalgic elements into a modern light. Playful and catchy statements mixing Canadian and Indian phrases were used throughout the brand to connect with students. We came up with a brand that felt commercial yet warm, exciting and evocative.

Project deliverables

Custom Logo & Branding
Print Collateral
Takeaway Packaging
Marketing Collateral
Social Media Kit
Website Design

Branding & Identity

Friendly and warm, this serif typeface originated in 1905 and was highly popular in the 1970s. Because of this, this font evokes a nostalgic yet timeless feeling, and is perfect for impact statements.

Styrene is a geometric sans-serif font that pairs well with Windsor’s character due to its proportionate simplicity.


Ms. Tiffin’s logo and brand identity is both welcoming and warm. Their logo has a feminine touch to reflect mom’s cooking and is paired with a bright, gender neutral colour palette inspired by the colourful Indian spices used in their recipes.

Takeaway Packaging
Print & Marketing Collateral