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A Media Night with Genieve Burley and The Blueprint

We recently organized media event for Dr. Genieve Burley at TurF to help promote her Blueprint class and her upcoming retreats. Genieve is a chiropractic doctor, fitness instructor (with over 20 teacher trainings under her belt), influencer, and mother. The Blueprint is a unique flow of yoga, weight training, cardio, ballet, core and stretching, all while synced to music. Included are also a combination of chiropractic prescribed pre-hap exercises for the rotator cuff, back, core, and hips in order to prevent persistent pain and potential problems in those areas.

We started off with The Blueprint, followed by a meditation led by Anita Cheung of Moment Meditation to help keep attendees grounded and present (it’s also great for helping you relax after a workout). Afterwards, Vajeh Dasht-Laali of Health Customized spoke about the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

As the guests trickled out into TurF’s dining area, we had gift bags prepared with items from our sponsors, and Megan Heesterman of NutMeg Mylk was there to distribute and talk about her products (her mylks are absolutely delicious, by the way!). Overall, the event was really fun, the guests were enthusiastic, and we got great products to give away from all the sponsors.

Thank you to TurF, The Juice Truck, NutMeg Mylk, Harlow Skin Co., Health Customized, To Die For Fine Foods, Oak and Gold Beauty, and Artel Salon for your kind donations! And a massive thank you to Genieve Burley for your enthusiasm and energy throughout the planning and execution of this event!

Click below to learn more or attend a Blueprint class (we highly recommend it), or learn about Genieve’s retreats! Her next yoga retreat takes place near Puerto Vallarta in a beautiful villa mansion. The house is fully staffed, and included in the trip are a trip to Sayulita, daily yoga and meditation, a delicious catered vegan menu, and margaritas!

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