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Losing Friends as You Become More Successful as an Entrepreneur feat. Erica Rankin, BroDough

Erica Rankin, Founder of Bro Dough shares how to build you network as an entrepreneur.

When to know to let go of relationships and people who no longer serve you.Entrepreneurship can be isolating, and not for the reasons you think. As you become more successful, not every person in your network will cheer you on. It’s the harsh reality. 

Erica Rankin, founder of healthy, edible cookie dough brand “BroDough” gets real with us about how her network has changed when she started and scaled her CPG product line. She talks about starting a business in a pandemic, getting hit on in business settings, and building an authentic following on LinkedIn and Tik Tok. 

Erica is a true hussler. Psychology major turned entrepreneur, she started BroDough, a Healthy Edible Cookie Dough Brand  in her kitchen and scaled it across Canada and now has her eye on the USA. Her vulnerable and authentic approach to marketing and sharing the truth behind entrepreneurship is what has helped her grow her Tik Tok and LinkedIn and has helped her meet so many like-minded, successful friends. The real side of business is not always seen, we tend to see the shiny stuff. Scaling a CPG brand is not easy, and it takes years to go from startup mode to successful brand. 

Erica gets real with us about how friendships change when you become an entrepreneur and the relationships she has had to lose that were unfortunately holding her back. Clearing space for this has allowed her to build a network that cheers her on and lifts her up. 


Special thanks to our guest, Erica!

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