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Branding An Electropop Artist


Spending time in Macau and Vancouver during his formative years, Canadian-Chinese singer KICCC brings a unique perspective to all his creative endeavours. He began his musical journey shortly after working overseas as an actor and has since expanded into self-producing his music. He blends elements of grounded surrealism with music and pushes the boundaries of pop music.

Inspired by the likes of Pierre et Gilles and Roisin Murphy, KICCC brings a unique sound and visual to the current pop landscape, exploring themes around self awareness, empowerment and a curiosity for life. His brand is inspired by the fluid and transformative characteristics of water, and static from sound.


KICCC had been producing music for years but not marketing it. He decided that his new album was the perfect opportunity to gain traction.


We created multiple photoshoots, inspired by the surrealist mind of the artist himself, along with a music video and merchandise for his fans.  We teased out KICC’s album with 3 lead singles, each with their own album artwork that tied to his music video. KICCC gained attention with the full album and was featured in Press around the world, primarily in Korea and Canada.

Project deliverables

Custom Logo & Branding
Branded Merchandise
Digital Ads
Social Media

Branding & Identity

KICCC’s logo looks like a glitch, illustrating KICCC’s unique perspective and personality, he is a glitch in the matrix.

Marketing Collateral
Film & Animation

KICCC’s music video for “Here” tells the story about acceptance and revolves around the artist himself in a constant state of discovery, trying to figure out what he’s missing.

Director: Riun Garner
Production Company: Timelapse Film
Executive Producers: Mark Chisholm, Trevor Lang, Brayden Wiebe, Garth Collins
Producer: Mia Metz
Production Manager: Brayden Wiebe
Prep Assistant Director – Miranda MacDougall

Web Development & SEO
Website Design