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Timeless Floral Sculptures


Alisha Khan, founder of Kanizsa, spent years developing her first line of magically preserved floral sculptures that last up to a year. Having grown up while being surrounded by flowers, Alisha realized that flowers can be more than just a bouquet to be presented in a vase. She started to think of the flowers themselves as a medium through which a message or meaning could be conveyed. Inspired by that idea, Alisha created floral art pieces that use the natural flower blossom, shape and silhouette to create something new, something more, an art piece to be enjoyed from every angle.


Kanizsa approached Pivot & Pilot with a logo, a stunning line of floral sculptures and a dream to make one of the most beautiful luxury gifts on the market. With a product so new and innovative that there is almost no point of reference in the market for it, our challenge was to showcase the value of these sculptures in seconds. 


We created a  finalized brand, e-commerce experience and ad campaign to launch Kanizsa as a premium gift and  luxury brand. Using their first collection, the “cosmic collection” as inspiration, we created an experience that showcased the creativity and magic behind these sculptures. After their e-commerce launch, Kanizsa has been approached by hotels, wedding venues and is establishing exciting retail partners. 

Project deliverables

Brand Refinement
Website Design
Marketing Collateral
Social Media Kit
Product & Lifestyle Photography

I came to Pivot & Pilot when another local (and reputable) branding agency dropped the ball. I didn't know how to pick up the pieces. P&P's experience was clear from their professionalism, branding, and in their overall approach. I would say they are one of the best decisions I made regarding my business.

– Alisha Mohamed, Owner
Product & Lifestyle Photography
Marketing Collateral
Film & Animation
Ad Campaign

Gorgeous, luxurious and evocative, Kanizsa’s Brand Awareness Ad Campaign highlights 3 key messages: They last up to 1 year, they make the perfect gift, and they come in a variety of colours to suit any home decor. We filmed and photographed in the beautiful Vancouver Players Club, Kanisza’s campaign was shot in 1 day with multiple rooms dedicated to the dream sequence, main shots and product photography used for the website. 

Web Development & SEO
Website Design

Our intention for Kanizsa’s website was to create an immersive experience and drive curiosity. From the second you land on the website, you are immersed into the magical world of roses and cosmetic collection. Kanizsa’s floral sculptures are a perfect fit for any home, so browsing colour options and having photos in a variety of home decor styles and settings was important to drive purchases.