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How Entrepreneurs Can Stay Focused in Stressful Times

Entrepreneurship is about resilience and continuing on with your vision despite all of the hurdles in your way, if you find yourself doubting yourself going off track or getting overly emotional or attached to outcomes. Staying motivated as an entrepreneur is challenging, especially when times are tough. Learn how to hack your mindset and how to stay focused in stressful times. If you doubt yourself, find yourself getting off track, getting overly emotional or attached to outcomes, there are ways to hack your brain to avoid thought patterns that hold you back from rocking your business! I’ll show you how to make action-focused goals over outcome-focused goals, fall in love with failure, how to be more productive when feeling unmotivated and avoid burnout. Creating long-term success in entrepreneurship is about the mindset we carry – it needs to be sustainable!

Making action-focused goals over outcome-focused goals help to break a goal down into actions so that you can get an outcome. We deem things like sleeping in or having friends night as unproductive and bad. There is a toxic version of success that we put on a pedestal as a society. Think differently, eliminate the feeling of guilt in your mind.

If you intend to wake up and get a whole presentation done, make a few sales but instead you sleep in because you’re feeling really drained,don’t feel extremely guilty for that choice, the reason why is because that throws off your whole day. Maybe today you’re going to spend time with your family or your dog’s, there’s nothing wrong with that either, I’d like you to think of that as something productive. Reaming yourself for doing something wrong and constantly living in the past is not going to help you move forward.

Fall in love with failure, The next time you try it’s much better to continue to do things and take risks and be excited about failure because you will learn faster at the end of the day, than if you stand there and you’re scared to make a move, a baseball player who hits the ball 30% of the time is considered a hall-of-famer, don’t be afraid to strike out, When you go to bed at night you are going to feel so much more proud of yourself for trying and failing, than if you don’t try something new and you stay in the same place.

Zoom OUT! We get so caught up in the day-to-day and the minute details that it can feel like a lot of overwhelm. It’s important to take a minute every once in awhile to acknowledge your progres, and see things from a third-party perspective.

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