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Guest Interview – How To Authentically Lead a Remote Team with Shauna Moran

Curious about working remotely? What makes a great leader? Times are changing, and so can your job, how can you implement your wants and needs to fit within your team’s wants and needs? Well, Shauna Moran from Operate Remote is our first guest on our channel and she is here to tell you the answers to all your burning questions regarding Operate(ing) Remote(ly)!


Creating a space of emotional safety 

In order to ensure a healthy environment and the ability for employees to feel safe to do things  at the workplace, leaders must create a place of emotional safety, so employees don’t have any fear in their work. “They’re doing it so I can”


Asynchronous communication

Like using Slack messages for example. This is a great alternative to traditional meetings. 


Sustaining ourselves to do our best work 

Not having meetings ‘for the sake of meetings’ 


Getting curious about your calendar 

Using your ‘spring clean checklist’. What works for you and what doesn’t? Make your calendar catered to YOUR needs. What is realistic to you? 


Fostering mutual accountability 

Creating trust and mutual accountability between employee and employer. 


Creating authentic communication

“Ask me anything” type of communication creates a safe space where employees and leaders can have a casual conversation about anything, this helps with the employee not falling down the ‘rabbit hole’. 

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