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Groomer and George

Organic Apothecary for Fine Dogs


Cofounded by Candice Zerb, a salon owner with 20 years of experience, and Sloan Lauinger, a business strategy consultant with 15 years of experience, Groomer & George provides organic, luxury shampoo and skincare for your favourite furry friends.


Groomer and George came to us with an established brand that they felt wouldn’t serve the growth they envisioned for their business. They wanted their organic shampoos and conditioners to feel elevated to match the price point and to target an audience that values the use of fine ingredients in the products they purchase.


We completely revamped and redesigned Groomer and George’s look to reflect their elevated, natural and organic products. Eight bottles with custom illustrations were designed and printed using special techniques that included gold foil and spot UV. The resulting brand feels therapeutic and refined.

Project deliverables

Custom Logo & Branding
Retail-Ready Packaging
Unboxing and Shipping Experience
Product Photography

Pivot & Pilot captured the essence of what Groomer and George was trying to emulate, and could not effectively translate without their creative genius and support! Not only was the team incredible in multi-design renderings (was tough to choose!), the team acted as a fantastic, clear and precise fiduciary during the print process of our product's labels.

– Sloan Lauinger, Co-Founder
Branding & Identity

Bold, classic and elevated, this font embodies Groomer and George’s personality. It is sophisticated and perfect for headers, quotes, and any text that needs to be expressive.

Legible and friendly, this sans serif font is perfect for body copy and larger bodies of text. This font compliments Canela and furthers Groomer and George’s luxury wellness brand for dogs and owners.

Adieu is an extended sans serif typeface that helps add contrast to the beauty of Canela and the neutrality of Post Grotesk. It is primarily used for subtitles.


Groomer and George’s custom wordmark exudes luxury and is paired with botanical illustrations that communicated the apothecary practices that inspired their organic formula.