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Genieve Burley on Yoga, Happiness, and Our Addiction to Technology

Who is Genieve?

We’re very excited to introduce you to your new best friend, Dr. Genieve Burley. Genieve is a chiropractic doctor, yoga and fitness instructor, mother of two beautiful and talented girls, and a leader in every sense of the word. Intelligent, elegant, authentic, kind, beautiful, and uplifting are only a few out of hundreds of adjectives that could be used to describe this modern woman. Always on the go, yet always present with those around her, Genieve inspires those around her to live more consciously and authentically.

Yoga gives you life

“Yoga became a massive healing tool for me through the depression and I went from doing really intense running and CrossFit to just doing yoga, not to better my body, or to better my fitness, but it was like survival for me,” says Genieve, on how yoga helped her through her postpartum depression. “I thought, ‘I have to share this with everyone,’ and that’s when I became interested in the community.”

Genieve has graduated from over 20 different teacher trainings – everything from Ashtanga to Anusara to Yin yoga to suspended yoga – with world renowned teachers such as Tiffany Cruikshank of Yoga Medicine and Suzanne Slocum-Gori of One Yoga.

Fitness beats aging, that's just a fact.

‘Anti-aging’ – a term used so frivolously now, that it’s lost meaning. There’s no way to stop aging, that’s just science. “True, but there is a rate at which we age” says Genieve. “If you put a piece of fruit in the fridge, versus if you put a piece of fruit in the hot sun, one of them is going to stay fresh longer.”

“I’m not saying that we’re not aging,” Genieve explains. “I’d say that there’s a rate in which we age, and which can be slowed down through our own actions.”

Genieve’s anti-aging approach is based on ‘use it or lose it’: “If you’re using your body on a daily basis, you are going to keep your muscles active, you’re going to keep your bones with a higher density, you’re going to keep your lungs at having a better capacity, that’s just fact,” she says definitively. By leading a healthy lifestyle through diet, exercise, and self-care routines, you can control how you age, and slow it down.

Phone addiction is a real thing

They're looking at the phone now as having a way stronger pull than drugs. This is all mental, it's not life. It's not action, it's not nature, it's not love. It's disconnection.

– Genieve Burley

“I’m really serious about how addicted I am to my phone and I feel like I’m a pretty conscious, evolved person, and yet, they’re looking at the phone now as having a way stronger pull than drugs,” says Genieve. “This is all mental, it’s not life. It’s not action, it’s not nature, it’s not love. It’s disconnection.”

One thing she’s practicing is setting boundaries so that ‘phone time’ doesn’t leak into personal time. For example, setting the intention to stay away from your phone for 3 hours brings back the excitement of checking your phone for messages, while allowing you to be present in your daily activities. After 9 p.m., Genieve’s phone goes downstairs and stays there, so she can spend time being present with her family.

What's next for Genieve

Genieve is currently working on teacher training for “The Class” by Taryn Toomey, while preparing for her retreats coming this spring and summer. Her first yoga retreat takes place in Mexico, at a beautiful villa near Puerto Vallarta. Following that is the Mommy & Me retreat (such a great idea), which is a beautiful weekend getaway for moms and daughters to bond. Lastly (but not least), is her yoga retreat in the valleys of the South of France. Each of these retreats have been carefully designed to offer different experiences, “Each of these locations offers its own energy and magic, so I think to really embody where we are and be in nature and even eat the food of that culture and try and speak the language when we can, it creates more of a grounding immersive experience in where we are,” she says. “It’s an experience that’s hopefully life-changing.”

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