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Fresh in Your Fridge

Health in Your Life, Time in Your Schedule


Fresh in Your Fridge is Vancouver’s personalized meal-prep & personal chef service. They provide chef quality customized meals prepared weekly by a personal holistic chef, delivered directly to your doorstep.


Fresh in Your Fridge came to us with a brand and digital ads that simply weren’t reflecting the quality of their service and their unique position in the market. They looked a little too much like a bagged meal-kit service, when in reality they couldn’t be further from it. Their service is personalized to any dietary needs, zero-waste and delicious.

When the pandemic hit, they knew they had an opportunity to elevate their delivery experience and commit even further to their zero waste initiatives, so we were asked to create a custom, reusable, insulated bag for deliveries.


We re-branded Fresh in Your Fridge to immediately exude the quality of their custom meal plans, and updated their tagline to showcase the value of choosing them, which at the end of the day, is to bring “Health in Your Life, Time in Your Schedule”.  We created an ad campaign highlighting the ease and advantages of their service, which increased their leads and positioned them as the leading meal service provider in Vancouver. 

We elevated their delivery experience with zero-waste cloth insulated bags to keep delivered meals fresh and add to the ordering experience. After the successful reaction to this, we designed shirts and custom aprons for their team and top clients.

Project deliverables

Custom Logo & Branding
Takeout Packaging
Merchandise Design

Pivot & Pilot are wonderful creatives and marketers. I feel like my new brand, and all of the assets that go along with it are works of art. It's beautiful, elegant, and refined. You won't be disappointed if you choose P&P! Thank you team for a wonderful project.

– Erika Weissenborn, Founder
Branding & Identity

Elegant and refined, but also friendly, Canela is a sophisticated and delicious font that perfectly matches Fresh in Your Fridge’s new brand and tailored meals.

Apercu is a legible, modern, and approachable sans serif. It has enough character to stand on its own, without competing with Canela.


Fresh in Your Fridge’s brand identity uses a combination of “yummy” colours inspired by vegetables and consists of a clean wordmark and illustrative emblem. The emblem’s vegetable illustrations are used separately all through the identity to add a playful element throughout.

Marketing Collateral
Lifestyle Photography
Film & Animation
Ad Campaign

We created an ad campaign series highlighting the ease of the service, the advantage of a personalized chef and examples of the delicious meals included in a plan, increasing their leads and positioning them as the leading meal service provider in Vancouver. In total, the series consisted of three 15 second ads and a 45 second ad for their website.