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Exposing The #GIRLBOSS Lie with Ada Slivinski

Exposing The #GIRLBOSS Lie with Ada Slivinski

Ada Slivinski, CEO of Jam PR, sits down with Rebecca Rochon to expose the truth behind girl boss culture. They talk about how focusing on being a female in business can sometimes lead to a victim mindset that can hold back women from putting in work to learn and grow. Full episode is now on Youtube and streaming on all platforms.

Topics We Discuss: 

#GIRLBOSS Movement

-Why the entire movement is essentially a lie 

-How unrealistic it is 

The Word Collaborate

-Why this word doesn’t truly mean a collaboration between two parties 

Business Relationships

-The victim mindset

Our Relationship 

-How Rebecca and Ada came to know each other professionally and personally 

Realities of Business

-Women in business

-Calling people out 

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