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Global Leaders in Vacuum-Microwave Dehydration Technology


Food dehydration without losing nutrients, EnWave is a global leader in Vacuum-Microwave Dehydration Technology in Canada. Their equipment has been used to create innovative products like Moon Cheese and Naera Snacks.


Our main challenge was to help them design a brand that was unique to the innovative products and values they offered to their partners. The rebrand would help partners with food and pharmaceutical processing companies to meet the evolving consumer demands for convenient, premium, nutritious food applications and pharmaceutical products.


Our approach to designing EnWave’s brand was to cohesively balance modern-minimalism with a high-technology look to accurately represent their innovative brand. Additionally, our work with EnWave spanned from designing their logo, their website, creating various trade booth panels, designing various custom icons, to art directing many photoshoots.

Project deliverables

Custom Logo & Branding
Marketing Collateral
Icons & Illustrations
Tradeshow Booth Design
Website & Application Design and Development

Branding & Identity

Aktiv Grotesk is is a flexible and diverse font family, that is clean and legible with just the right amount of both authority and warmth.


EnWave’s brand conveys innovation through its modern design and reflects an air of elegance and sophistication, inspired by the design of their machinery. The emblems and illustrations used throughout their brand identity mimic engineering blueprintsW

Icons & Illustrations
Marketing Collateral
Web Development & SEO
Website Design

EnWave’s website was designed to facilitate sales and promote their products, but also to keep regular communications with investors through an investor portal. We created an interactive, touch-screen web-app to assist with their tradeshows and educate customers on the possibilities of their technology.