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Refined Snacks for Curious Palates


Eatable was founded by an incredibly hard-working husband and wife duo, Charlene and Vince. These entrepreneurs crafted the first wine and spirits infused premium gourmet popcorn on the market.


Charlene and Vince bootstrapped their business and worked hard to launch their artisanal popcorn line online and in boutique retailers. When their business began to pick up steam and they began to see more and more demand, they came to Pivot & Pilot to update their marketing, and packaging to ensure it was compliant with regulations to get into major grocers and retailers and expand into the USA.


We helped Eatable update their packaging, considering USA and Canadian regulations, and now they are in 300+ retailers in North America and counting. Our approach for their branding was to create an elevated version of what they had in place to maintain brand recognition while positioning them for rapid growth. 

Project deliverables

Custom Logo & Branding
Marketing Collateral
E-Commerce Website Design
Social Media Kit
Ad Campaign

Branding & Identity

Elegant, sophisticated and modern, this font made the perfect representation of the snack itself.

The perfect balance of legibility while remaining unique and identifiable.

This bold font ties the unique logo into the brand system and is perfect for headers.


Eatable’s logo is made of custom lettering and divots that make the wordmark feel “full” – just like you will feel after indulging in their gourmet snacks. The brand overall is inspired by vintage confections and movie theatres with a modern twist.

Packaging & Product Photography
Film & Animation
Ad Campaign

Great food and drinks are at the heart of everyday celebrations. Eatable’s ad campaign focuses on integrating their popcorn into moments inspired by their top 3 flavours, “Whisky on the Pops”, “Pop the Champagne” and “Pop the Salt & Tequila”. We also captured product photography for their website that presents the popcorn in a mouth-watering way that also highlights the alcohol and flavour pairings inside each bag.

Web Development & SEO
Website Design

Eatable popcorn is the perfect affordable indulgence for date nights, gifts and party favours so showing the popcorn in those settings throughout the website and amplifying those ideas through gift sets, resources like fun recipes, playlists, and making it easy to find retailers where customers can purchase.