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EATABLE X Oscars® Collaboration | Pop the Champagne – Special Edition

Pop the Champagne – EATABLE X Oscars® Special Edition

Huge congratulations to our client EATABLE INC., who collaborated exclusively with the 95th Academy Awards and sold only at The Academy Museum Store to bring you a special edition of  “Pop the Champagne”.

The perfect addition to your Oscars Viewing Party – celebrate like the stars do!

Champagne-infused white chocolate covered kettle corn with 24K edible gold flakes.

Kettle popped whole grain popcorn coated in a smooth, premium Belgian white chocolate with 24K edible gold flakes. Sprinkled with Champagne-infused sugar crystals that actually “pop” in your mouth.
The cooking process eliminates virtually all of the alcohol content, leaving the residual flavor notes from the drinks you love–without the guilt. Perfect for sharing with others or just treating yourself, our popcorn is a unique and memorable blend of snacking and sophistication.

Premium non-GMO kettle corn coated in Belgian white chocolate, sprinkled with Champagne-infused effervescent popping sugar crystals that pop in your mouth, for an unforgettable sensory-filled snacking experience.

Finished with a light sprinkling of edible 24K gold flakes so you can eat Oscar® gold, bringing your Oscars Viewing Party into the spotlight!

-Non-GMO corn kernels
-Small-batch, artisan crafted with natural ingredients
-Hand-sifted for premium taste and texture

Learn more at EATABLE.COM & here

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