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Designer Rants: Computers Ruined Design – How The Digital Era Ruined Typography

Designer rants about how computers ruined design. Our Creative Director at Pivot and Pilot, Alejandro Quinteros, explains how the digital era completely transformed typography – and completely bastardized it. He gives a brief history lesson about what makes a good font and what makes a bad font, and the terrible aesthetics of the 90’s and 2000’s. We are happy that the digitization of design has brought us tools like photoshop, indesign and illustrator, but in the 1990’s designers didn’t always know how to use them. Typography trends change all the time, and as a creative agency, we can appreciate certain elements of design history, but cant help but rant about other parts of it.


More people have been able to use tools that were not available to the average Andy before and that has meant that people with little or no background on design


Before computers there was peoples whose entire job was to typeset fonts for print is before


Kerning and letting, Kerning means the spacing between each character within the word and letting is the spacing between each line of a paragraph

Typesetters Knowledge of Best Practices

On top of considering Kerning and letting, typesetters also created structured grids between each column, typesetters also new best practices for font combination base-grid alignments and much much more.

Death of the Typesetter: The Dark Age

People started employing less and less designers and typesetters and left this job to themselves or their nephews

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