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An Ecosystem Where Brands & Creators Unite


Endorsements from influential celebrities have always been a great way for brands to attract new customers. In the past, this strategy was only accessible to brands with big enough budgets to get high-profile celebrities, but not anymore. recognized the power of micro-influencers and creators that came along with the social media shift and created their own innovative platform to facilitate and amplify collaborations between Creators and Brands. Companies can access their network of Creators to manage multiple campaigns at once and drive semi-organic growth beyond a simple digital ad. On the flip side, Creators have access to new opportunities with renown brands and start-ups to endorse products with their audience.


When came to us, they had a completely different brand name and look that they had built internally and were looking for a fresh perspective. They needed their re-brand to appeal to both Brands and Creators to build their community and market share.


We created their new brand to appeal to both Brands and Creators and simplified their website UX and pricing charts to encourage easier signups.’s new look is dynamic and colourful to reflect a young crowd of Creators and Brands as well as the excitement that these collaborations bring to the table.

Project deliverables

Logo & Branding
Website Design
Pricing Chart Strategy

Branding & Identity

Just like’s modern platform, Campton is balanced, approachable and confident, perfect for headers, call-outs, and impact statements.


Inspired by social media and emoticons,’s logo reflects the supportive and friendly community their platform represents.

Marketing Collateral
Web Development & SEO
Website Design

With such an exciting and collaborative platform, we wanted’s new website to evoke those same feelings. Their old illustrations were replaced with bright graphics depicting engagement, and what was previously an abundance of white space was divided out into clear and colourful digestible sections. Understanding how the program worked had previously been an issue for users, so the imagery and copy associated with how it works was revised and given more clarity.