Let’s Talk

As a small business, we want to stay connected and do our part to help brands navigate through this time. Listed below are some topics we could discuss during our call, however, we are open to brainstorm any ideas you may have! Simply book a complimentary session here.

Strategy topics we could discuss
Brand Clarity & Positioning
Reach your audience

In this climate you may need to pivot your offerings or strategy to add value to your audience. Are your brand and offerings acknowledging the current market/conversation or is it out of touch? Let’s talk about how you can position yourself effectively.

Website & E-Commerce Strategy
Get Online!

In this climate you may be pivoting to add value to your audience. With many workers switching to remote office structures, your online presence will likely be your first impression on your market. Whether it is a content refresh, adding e-commerce capabilities, a quick landing page or a full rebuild, let’s talk about how you can transform your website into a marketing hub.

Investor & Employee Strategy
Keep Everyone in the Loop

Keeping your investors looped into your strategy and on board with your business is crucial. Whether you are preparing for an upcoming presentation, pitching a strategy or channel pivot, launching a new product or clarifying your employee goals, we are here to help.

Campaigns & Outreach
Get Noticed

Considering the current climate, plans for promotions and campaigns may miss the mark or be promoting brand promises you cannot fulfill currently. Let’s brainstorm ideas for a new campaign or find opportunities to work with what you have in place and adapt it to fit a new narrative or call to action.

Packaging & Product Launches
Stand Out

Launching something new is exciting! If COVID has interfered with your initial launch plan and messaging, we can discuss ways to use the collateral and work you have created so far and adapt it to reach more people.